About Us

Shoals MTB is made of a group of trail users from all disciplines: trail runners, cyclists, and hikers. Our amazing community works together to #maketrailsbetter, and the Shoals MTB Chapter has taken on the responsibility of maintaining and developing the trails in the Shoals. We are partners with local city and county governments and municipalities, Federal entities such as National Parks and Forests, as well as State entities such as State Parks and State Lands. Our goal is to help the outdoor recreational community thrive and develop more opportunities for all types of trails users!


ShoalsMTB also helps organize some really fun events and group rides in partnership with other local businesses and organizations. We have monthly workdays that will be fun and super helpful to keep our trails working the way they should. Follow us on social media to stay up to date on everything ShoalsMTB!

How To Join

Shoals MTB is the 47th Chapter of the Southern Off Road Bicycle Association, and also an IMBA Local Chapter. Both of these organizations have been the driving force behind the greatest amount of change in the trail developments across the south, and the nation. By joining our chapter through the IMBA local website, you will also be helping these other great organizations at the same time! Click here to get plugged in!