2019 NICA Feud at the Furnace

NICA Racer Speeding Through The Forest

State championship day has arrived! Unfortunately, we only had two or three riders at this race. Weather was a little sketchy for the pre-ride, but race day a fine day to race. It was humid, but the temperatures and overcast skies made it comfortable enough.

A minute or two into the race, there is a huge mountain to climb. Here is one of our middle school racers cranking away, huffing and puffing up the hill.
If you curious how fast these racers scoot through the forest on their trusty steeds, look no further than this video here. Not long after they top the hill in the previous picture, they descend a little bit.

With so few riders, there were also few parents and coaches taking pictures. We’ll try to do better next time! 😉