2019 NICA Space Race

Our first race, a time trial at Oak Mountain, was rained out this year. The weather finally cleared up and gave us heaping loads of chamber-of-commerce weather for the Space Race in Huntsville. Saturday, March 23 was the time trial for our middle school riders. This would seed them for the Sunday race.

As with all races, Saturdays give racers the opportunity to pre-ride the course and familiarize themselves with challenging spots. A racer might need to be in a certain gear, or adjust posture for an uphill or downhill. Here is where you make the mental notes for a successful race.

Northwest Alabama Youth MTB Team prepares to pre-ride the NICA Space Race track around 1:30pm on March 23, 2019 in Huntsville, AL on the grounds of the Space & Rocket Center.

One of our riders during the middle school time trial illustrates why it’s good to practice bunny hops:

We started racing first thing Sunday morning. We had a good overall performance from all our riders, and they had fun competing.

One of our JV riders moving through traffic a few minutes into the race on Sunday morning.
You won’t need to use all your gears for some races.