2019 NICA T-Town Throwdown

April 27-28 brought us to Tuscaloosa, Alabama for a very fast racing course with one little enhancement – a creek crossing!!! The team arrived for a pre-ride around 3pm, then headed to Glory Bound Gyro on the strip at 6:15 to fill up on Gyros.

One of our middle school riders tackles the creek crossing like a boss!! The previous riders had made hamburger meat out of the exit. It was very, very challenging to keep momentum out of the creek and up the hill. She did great!
More middle school action. This is the first turn after the group start. The photo doesn’t capture the amount of dust that stirred up as all these riders transitioned from the dirt onto grass.
This isn’t our team, but it’s a good photo showing the force of entry into the creek. The picture doesn’t do justice to the steepness of the hill. There are race officials nearby, and the crowd is totally supportive. Cheers would erupt each time a racer emerged on the top side of the creek crossing.

Again, this race proved to be another positive step for NWA Youth MTB team. All veteran riders bested last year’s times, and our new riders also had fantastic times. The season is going great and we can’t wait till the next race to see who the champions will be.