2019 NICA Rumble On The Ridge

2019-oakmtn-flyerDownload Mountain Biking in Alabama began on Oak Mountain. NICA has distilled countless miles of trails into a challenging race course. I-65 was clogged up due to an accident but everyone made it on time for the pre-ride. We had a productive pre-ride, then enjoyed grilled salmon, pork chops, hot dogs, a veggie tray, and other goodies at the very busy and populated campsite. Some bad weather came through after midnight, but it didn't do much to affect the race course. Pre-ride is complete. Now everyone is looking forward to salmon, hot dogs, pork chops, a veggie tray, and plenty of other goodies at the camp site on Oak Mountain. It was a loud, wet part of the night after midnight. A storm blew

2019 NICA T-Town Throwdown

2019-munnysokol-flyerDownload April 27-28 brought us to Tuscaloosa, Alabama for a very fast racing course with one little enhancement - a creek crossing!!! The team arrived for a pre-ride around 3pm, then headed to Glory Bound Gyro on the strip at 6:15 to fill up on Gyros. One of our middle school riders tackles the creek crossing like a boss!! The previous riders had made hamburger meat out of the exit. It was very, very challenging to keep momentum out of the creek and up the hill. She did great! More middle school action. This is the first turn after the group start. The photo doesn't capture the amount of dust that stirred up as all these riders transitioned from the dirt onto grass. This

2019 NICA Feud at the Furnace

NICA Racer Speeding Through The Forest

State championship day has arrived! Unfortunately, we only had two or three riders at this race. Weather was a little sketchy for the pre-ride, but race day a fine day to race. It was humid, but the temperatures and overcast skies made it comfortable enough. A minute or two into the race, there is a huge mountain to climb. Here is one of our middle school racers cranking away, huffing and puffing up the hill. If you curious how fast these racers scoot through the forest on their trusty steeds, look no further than this video here. Not long after they top the hill in the previous picture, they descend a little bit. With so few riders, there were also few parents

2019 NICA Space Race

2019-spacerace-flyerDownload Our first race, a time trial at Oak Mountain, was rained out this year. The weather finally cleared up and gave us heaping loads of chamber-of-commerce weather for the Space Race in Huntsville. Saturday, March 23 was the time trial for our middle school riders. This would seed them for the Sunday race. As with all races, Saturdays give racers the opportunity to pre-ride the course and familiarize themselves with challenging spots. A racer might need to be in a certain gear, or adjust posture for an uphill or downhill. Here is where you make the mental notes for a successful race. Northwest Alabama Youth MTB Team prepares to pre-ride the NICA Space Race track around 1:30pm on March 23, 2019 in